Construction Disputes and Advisory Services

Our team provides a centre of excellence for capital project advisory services.

Our team is comprised of professionals with extensive knowledge of the construction industry including quantity surveyors / cost controllers, engineers and project managers.

Dispute Resolution Services

We provide independent, objective, impartial, expert advice in relation to delay, production, productivity and quantum issues arising on complex capital projects, providing advice to all parties involved in the development of capital projects including contractors, owners, governments, insurers, project funders, designers and subcontractors.

Our approach is to provide fact based opinions and advice as to the causes of delay, disruption and financial impacts to capital projects based on a detailed, forensic analysis of the project documentation. Our team is experienced in handling and effectively processing significant volumes of hard copy and electronic data and distilling that into clear and objective presentations of findings and has years of experience working together across a wide range of project sectors.

We provide advice to clients and their legal advisers throughout the dispute resolution process, from early stage reviews of the project documentation to advice on causes of delay and cost overruns ahead of the commencement of formal proceedings, through to the eventual resolution of disputes (including the provision of expert evidence and oral testimony at hearings). We work closely with the client’s and legal teams to most effectively focus our investigations and analysis.

Examples of our dispute resolution services work include:

Project Advisory Services

For Owners, Contractors, Insurers, Funders and others involved in the capital project development process we provide capital project advisory services to enable clients to maximise shareholder value, minimise risk and avoid conflict. For example, our team undertake reviews of project processes and procedures to identify areas of risk and areas where improvements to the ‘as-is’ situation can be achieved, provide project specific due diligence on programme and cost issues on capital projects, assist in providing non-industry stakeholders oversight of the projects that they are involved in on an on-going basis and undertake reviews of distressed projects.

Examples of our Project Advisory Services include: